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Vintage Blue Truck
  • Vintage Blue Truck

    Small Size is 16" x 24"

    Open Edition


    Medium Size is 24" x 36"

    Limited Edition - 250 Prints


    Large Size is 40" x 60"

    Limited Edition - 100 Prints



    **The fine art print in the photographs above depict the large variation.


      For all of my photography purposes, I collaborate with a custom laboratory that uses the highest processing quality possible. Each order is custom manufactured on demand with an approximate 1 to 2 week delivery window per order. Metal Prints will feature a glossy coating and rounded edges that will come ready to hang for a flawlessly stunning display. These dramatic, museum-quality prints have a vibrant range of colors and an incredible amount of detail, which are far greater than what the web-sized images on my website are able to display.

      Metal Prints represent an innovative and stimulating art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Presenting photographs as Metal Prints are a relatively new and exciting medium that combines incredible beauty, superb depth, and amazing clarity in an extremely durable presentation. The clean look of the edge to edge printing makes the artwork to appear to jump out of the wall, as well as eliminates the clutter, cost, and distraction of traditional framing. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed, which is why Metal Prints have become one of the most preferred methods of displaying photographs. Metal prints are sure to be an instant conversation piece thanks to the vibrant colors and magical intensity that will leave any onlooker overwhelmed.

      Metal Prints eliminate the need for frames and are a modern medium for exhibiting landscape photography with striking results. The metal prints have mounting brackets permanently attached to the back of the print, which spaces the print 1/2” from the wall. This gives the artwork the effect of floating away from the wall for an elegant, sleek, and gallery-style appearance. The lightness of the aluminum, and the simplicity of the mounting hardware, makes hanging each print easy. There is no additional framing or mounting hardware needed, so when you receive your metal print all you have to do is hang it on the wall.


      It is highly recommended that Metal Prints are displayed using bright white incandescent, full-spectrum LED, or other bulbs with a high CRI (color rendering index). Indirect natural daylight also can work, but it must be indirect in order to prevent fading over time. Changing the type of lighting will affect the way all prints appear, but Metal Prints are affected more so. Art aficionados will be happy to know that Metal Prints have been proven to have exceptional image stability and will last for generations when displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight or high temperatures.


      For the larger sized prints, especially the 40”x 60”, the image is being stretched across a larger surface area. If you look closely at the print, the image may look fuzzy and you may see digital artifacts. These images are meant to be viewed from an ideal distance of 2 feet or more, and when they are, they look superb!

      Since these Metal Prints are scratch resistant and waterproof, they are easy to clean with any non-ammonia glass cleaner, water, or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol without harming the print surface. It is recommended that a clean, lint-free cloth is used when wiping off the print. No cleaners containing ammonia, abrasives, or corrosive chemicals should be used since they will damage the artwork.
      Care should be taken when moving and hanging metal prints. Too much force will bend the light weight aluminum and the image surface can chip if the edge is set down too hard on a solid surface. Always set your prints down on fabric or carpeted surfaces and your photos will last for many lifetimes.
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